Central Institutions of the Low Countries, 1700-1794. Part 2: Specialized institutions

Part 2: Secretary of State and War and Specialized Central Institutions

1. Secretary of State and War (Secrétairerie d’Etat et de Guerre- Secretarie van State en Oorlog): 16th c.-1794 (for the study of environmental history, see files regarding fortifications, military engineering, provincial and local institutions,  police,  sciences, public health, fishing, civil engineering, industry, and the state properties).

2. « Jointe » of Disputed Lands (Jointe des Terres Contestées- Jointe voor de Betwiste Gebieden): 1740-1794 (institution in charge of disputed lands between the Austrian Low Countries and foreign countries: France, German Empire, Netherlands, Principality of Liège, Duchy of Bouillon, Principality of Stalevot-Malmedy, etc. For environmental history, see  files regarding woods, mines, hunting and fishing, water, mills and industry and landscape).

3. « Comité » for the land registration of Luxemburg (Comité pour le dénombrement du Luxembourg- Comité voor de telling van Luxemburg): 1767-1772 (the Austrian administration reforms, as in other parts of the Empire at the same period, the land registration system of the duchy of Luxemburg between 1767 and 1772. There is also a Comité for the land registration of Limburg (State Archives in Liège).

4. « Jointe » of the Administrations (Jointe des Administrations et des Affaires des Subsides- Jointe voor Besturen en Subsidiezaken): 1764-1794 (oversees provincial and local institutions. For environmental history, see files regarding common goods, industry, agriculture, polders, mines, public works, public health, etc.).

5. « Jointe » for Water Management (Jointe des Eaux- Jointe voor Waterstaat): 1772-1787 (specialized institution in charge of water management in the Low Countries)

6. « Office of the Works of the Court » (Bureau des Ouvrages de la Cour- Office van Hofwerken): 1463-1794 (specialized institution in charge of works in royal and imperial domains: castles, parks, ponds, woods, roads, etc.)


The other specialized institutions will be descrided in GARDEN.

The next article will present the Chambers of Accounts (Chambres des Comptes- Rekenkamers).


Danielle Caluwé & Kevin Troch

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